Why buy from us?

Flight checked:

Helicopters are removed but NOT flown, we ensure the TX (transmitter) communicates with the RX (receiver on the helicopter) correctly.

We ensure the the aileron and elevator servos work to full range.  We ensure the rudder has full power and that the main blades can operate at full power.

This keeps you happy and it makes our life a little more hectic but keep defects down to an absolute minimum.

* Please note when we test the Dragonfly 35 or 36,  we do not remove them from the box.  They are fixed to securely for us to remove them. Hence only RX - TX communication is tested and servo pitch control. Main blade power and rudder power are not operated but checked for initial reactions.

No import duty or VAT:

If you imported a helicopter from abroad you are legally responsible for paying Import duty (5%) and import VAT (17.5%). 

This is how customs work it out (if they get it right).

e.g. 70 product shipped for 30.  Total 100.  You pay 5% import duty on this 100 (product+ shipping price).  You then pay 17.5% import VAT on the (product+ shipping price + import duty).  The charge compounded equates to approx 30%.

Please note if you come across a cheaper product, check the web site for an physical address even if it is (.co.uk), if you buy cheaper initailly you will always end up paying twice -guaranteed. Foreign based sites pretending to be based in the UK, this is dishonest from the outset and you must think why?

7 day return policy:

If you want to return your item within 7 days you can do so for a refund minus our shipping charges. Product must NOT have been flown.

If you were to return a product to China or Japan, expect to pay around 35. This scenario is a possible nightmare.


Based in the UK:

We speak good English, most of the time. We abide to UK laws and we have the necessary insurance for the UK market.

We respond quickly and we are here to help you with your problems as they arise.


Cheap postage costs:

No silly postage charges (as one of my customers said). If there was a problem with a product or spares it can be dealt with cheaply.  Problems are being reduced to around 1% through our flight check procedures.


Loads of EXTRAS:

Remember if you are looking around consider postage costs, import costs, do you get training kits, 10% spares discount, free helpful information, sim cables? 

They all have a monetary value that you may not have thought about.


Use our LIVE support function, if the image above indicates online, you can get a response in 30 secs! Just click on the image.

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