Jabo RC Helicopter - Flight Simulator Configuration

ESK Flight simulator software and controller (19.99 ex VAT)


This tutorial can be used to get flying with all Walkera Dragonfly helicopter transmitters as well.

If you are looking for help to get flying with a HoneyBee CP2 or any in the HoneyBee range of  transmitters then click this.  HoneyBee CP2 FMS simulator.


Getting the Jabo II Zen Hua (Mode 1, easy to change to mode 2) transmitter set up to work with FMS.

Download the following software from the following locations.

SOFTWARE: Version 2.0 Alpha 8.5 (Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP)







(Software download on the top left hand)

Put them in a folder called FMS (or whatever you like).


Install Version 2.0 Alpha 8.5 on your computer, by double clicking setup.exe
(Accept defaults)

Connect your zen hua transmitter to the pc using the supplied cable.

Install the PPJoy software (setup.exe), the drivers on the software are not signed
so windows will give you a warning, ignore it and continue with the installation.

When you install PPJoy it will automatically open up this window below. Keep it open.




It will tell you it has detected new hardware once ppjoy is installed i.e.
your transmitter and start installing drivers.
It will take you through 2 wizard installations.

From the window (Figure 1) above double click on top left "configure joysticks". this opens the following window.


(Figure 2)


In the window that opens click "Add" this opens a new window (Figure 3), shown below.


(Figure 3)


In the first drop down on this window select virtual port,
and accept the defaults that are added ( they are greyed out any way) pick controller 1 in the lowest drop down and click OK. Your joystick is now added.

Now you need to configure it for the Zen Hua transmitter.

In the window (Figure 1) shown above now select PPJoyCOM this will open the window shown below.


 (Figure 4)


Keep the defaults i.e. 'virtual joystick 1' and 'COM1' but then in the drop down select 'Zen Hua 5 byte protocol'.

To test your transmitter is working Check on "Beep on serial input (debug)" to check if your pc is communicating with your radio. If it's working, you should hear some
non-stop fast beeps from your pc speaker. Leave your PPJoy on or  minimise in the background. (Don't close the window)

Then open and configure the control for FMS as shown below.


(Figure 5)


Click on "Controls" on the menu bar and select "Analog Control...". Select "Joystick interface", and then "Mapping/Calibration". Please note, this mapping is for mode-1 radio. Map your radio as Mapping/calibration. Make the following changes to the settings.

Channel (Inv)
Rudder 1 x
Elevator 2 x
Aileron 4 x
Throttle 3 x
Tail 1 x
Nick 2 x
Roll 4 x
Pitch 3 x

x = check

For a mode 2 transmitter you would set it the opposite to these.

Then click "Calibrate" after mapping your stick control and just follow the instructions on FMS on how to do the calibration.

Then click on FMS menu bar click model and select new model, from the choices select Threedee helicopter and you ready to fly.

Hope this helps.






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