*This can be applied across the HoneyBee range, this tutorial will enable you to fly 3D in your virtual world.

1) The FMS software available on the internet at present will not enable the ESKY Honeybee transmitter (for the CP 2 version) to work. FMS Version 2.0 Alpha 8.3 is required.

2) Install FMS by double clicking on the FMS Icon and follow the installation instructions on screen. An FMS ICON will be loaded onto your desktop.

3) Connect the serial cable from the serial port at the back of your PC to the jack at the back of your transmitter.

4) Start FMS and select the desired flying machine (use the ThreeDee model for a close resemblance to the Honeybee CP).

5) Turn on the transmitter - Note: The PC does not power the transmitter, batteries are required.

6) From the FMS MENU bar Select CONTROLS and Select ALALOG CONTROL


7) Select the PIC-Serial interface

8) Select RESOURSES and ensure COM1 is selected.




9) Select OK and then select the Mapping / Calibration option:

- You can then check to see if the blue display bars move when you move the control sticks on the transmitter. Note: If it does not respond check connections, you may also have to install PPJOY (which can be downloaded from the net).

- Ensure the correct axes move when you move your control sticks i.e. move the rudder control and bar 4 moves etc. If this is not the case re-number the channels (see figure below).

- Select the Calibrate option and follow the instructions (moving all controls and then centring them etc.).

- Check the direction of your controls to the helicopter (i.e. a left roll input will cause the helicopter to roll left etc.), if this is not the case invert controls as required. Initially try the following set up (although it may not be correct but you can determine which configuration is best for you with respect to transmitter mode/control orientation):





Finally after calibration, before selecting Finish you are requested to Center all controls. If you do this with the throttle/collective mix then this will enable you to produce positive or negative lift (i.e. perform 3D aerobatics). If a beginner it might be more suitable to place the throttle stick at the minimum position prior to selecting Finish.

Happy Landings.


Thanks to Andrew Bill.






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