Fault Reporting

We can not diagnose faults and give decisions over the phone.  The fault has to be properly recorded so we can refer back to it  for our own records as well as accounting records.  It is the case that phone discussions can become jumbled and/or incorrect personal details can be given over the phone which makes tracking the purchase/fault difficult.

Fault's must be sent to us using the following email and using the following format...


The subject heading of the email must contain your <helicopter name> - <purchasers surname, initial>.

 e.g. Jabo - Smith R.

The following details must then be added to the email

  1. Date of purchase:
  2. Transaction ID:
  3. Date fault developed: (If the helicopter is dead on arrival, this will qualify for immediate replacement if checked within 2 days).
  4. Description of fault: (Please be as detailed as possible).
  5. Why you believe this fault has not developed from crashing the helicopter:


Please note that a small percentage of our helicopters suffer from damage in transit and an even smaller amount suffer from mechanical failure and  it is straight forward to resolve some problems that may arise.  Here are some examples...



(a)  I have received the helicopter today and there is a crack in the shell.

We will issue you a replacement shell free of charge and have it in the post ASAP, as you have contacted us in good time. We ask that you issue us with the cracked shell or a digital image of the cracked shell when you fill in your fault report.


(b) I have been flying the helicopter and the tail motor has burnt out, there was a bad smell coming from the helicopter, I have only had the helicopter 2 weeks.

We will issue you a new tail motor free of charge and have it in the post ASAP.   Problems with tail motors are often totally preventable, tail motors will burn out if the helicopters becomes to close to an object (e.g. sofa, wall etc...) and the tail motor is positioned against the object and is prevented from spinning.  In these situations make sure you have adequate space and that you power the motor down immediately if it comes into contact with something.  Please note after 2 weeks from the time it was posted we will not replace it free of charge, you will have to pay 6.50 for a new one.

**Please note the most common impacted place on the helicopter is the tail region,  this is commonly due to lack of control by the user. If helicopters are returned and the tail motor is found to be non defective, then you the customer will be liable to pay the return postage fee as well as a small administration charge.  All motors are tested using an ohm meter, testing is only performed on Sundays.


(c) I have only had the helicopter 1 day and I have a broken tail rotor, broken main rotor, broken tail boom.  I am not happy as I expected the helicopter to be tougher and I want a refund.

We will not issue you a refund as you have flown your helicopter.  This has arisen because you have not used your flight simulator, or possibly your training kit.  You have also not taken the due time to figure out the controls of the helicopter.  We recommend the flight simulator.  I personally learnt to fly without the flight simulator and you can do this with out damage to the helicopter if you use common sense and have patience.  These models are great fun, but only when you have mastered the ability to hover in a confined area.

You are in luck though as the repairs you need will only cost around 16 including delivery to get sorted.  Most hobby shops make their money on spares, we don't.  (We only supply our customers with spares).




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